98% of people don't have clarity and can't articulate their purpose in less than 10 words.

Lack of clarity affect your clients' business and life. We'd like to offer you the ability to easily give your clients clarity.
Did You Know?

The CPoP Course Can Provide Your Clients With:

  • An Anchored Sense of Purpose

    The course will help identify and anchor your client's purpose using the proprietary CPoP (Customer Point of Possibilities) method.

  • A Focused Process and Credible Decision-Making

    The introduction of the CPoP focuses your clients' energy on making more credible decisions while serving their clients and addressing their expected outcomes.

  • A Compass that Helps Demonstrate Credible Behavior

    Demonstrating credible behavior online and offline in the first and subsequent encounters will significantly increase your clients' effectiveness.


How The CPoP Course Gave Them Clarity!

Imagine Your Client Being As Happy As They Are

Brad Dalton

Best Selling Author | Speaker

Informative, engaging, well taught, and easy to go through. The videos are short and have been engaging enough to keep me intrigued.